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We can install and integrate your equipment professionally and on schedule. We can provide onsite programming and support after installation.

We are a unique electrical company with the ability to service many industrial and commercial applications;


1. Industrial control systems:

a. Conveyor systems

b. Packaging / process controls and equipment

c. Alarms – Monitoring- CCTV- Access controls- Warehouse RF Systems

d. Inventory control and paperless picking systems

e. Robotics and robotic support equipment


2. Industrial and commercial power distribution:

a. Sub-Distribution and Service Panels

b. Lighting, power outlets and machine power.

c. Power quality testing and correction.

d. Office electrical additions and modifications


3. Control Design:

a. Material Handling control systems.

b. Custom control packages to fit your ideas for any application or processes.

c. Lighting controls

d. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) installation and programming.


4. We also provide Mechanical & Metal Fabrication services to support our Electrical installations.





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